After Protocol, previously known as Beyond Protocol, is an epic space MMORTS.

Build, Expand, Research, Conquer.

Build colonies on any number of planets. Harvest, mine, steal resources.

Research (see designers) new unit and building designs with an overly customizable (See learning curve!!) module editor. Ships aren't just a static item you gain in research. You need to make your own custom Hull, Armor, Shield, Radar, Weapon(s), etc. Put them togeather to fit your needs. A cheap pos in vast quantities with terrible range, or a design that literlly might take you a month to finalize and blows your enemies away.

Conquer entire solar systems of up to 15 planets, across 30 stars. The universe expands with new players.

Find and guard the vitally important wormholes that connect all the stars. In BP the game is in a 3 tier star system. T1, T2, T3. There are Two T1's connected to every T2. Each T2 connects to another T2 (we call that the back door), and the main T3. 8 T2's connect to a T3. Each T3 connects to the next.

Make alliances with other players to boost your passive trade income.

Hire an army of secret 'Agents' to run missions on your enemies, or your friends. Steal data. Steal wormhole locations. Sabotauge production. Steal minerals. You think if it, an agent can probably do it.

Server online !