trpp makes significant acquisition!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Mennke I Correspondent writes:

trpp becomes majority owner of Mennke I!

Reporters on Mennke I are reporting a significant change in the power struggle for Mennke I. It seems that through superior leadership has managed to wrestle control of the planet from and as a result has become the new ruler of Mennke I. Political analysts are unsure if this turn of events may turn the relationship between and sour but many analysts predicted that was on a downhill trend on Mennke I anyways and it was only a matter of time before someone wrestled control of Mennke I away from them anyways.

With a new planet under their control continues to grow in power and it may only be a matter of time before great conflicts ensue as other empires take notice of growing influence in Mennke and attempt to change that to benefit their own agenda. Our reporters will keep a close eye on as they continue to grow and will also continue to follow as they react to losing control of Mennke I.