Citizens of XV store alui Protest!

- Jeffrey Rossi, GNS News writes:

Citizens of XV store alui upset about the Tax Rate

Reporters inside XV store alui are reporting that Tax Rates have driven the population of XV store alui to march in protest of policies. "This is absolutely ridiculous!" says one disgruntled citizen of XV store alui. "How can expect the people of this planet to go on living with the Tax Rate being as it is? It?s bad policies that lead people like myself to take such drastic actions! needs to pay more attention to the Tax Rate or we all may be forced to take more drastic actions!"

You heard it from us first folks. If is listening then its probably best if heeds the words of his disgruntled citizens and does something soon about the Tax Rate. That's all from XV store alui for now but we'll keep you updated with the latest on the Tax Rate situation.