Welcome to After Protocol!

After Protocol is an MMORTS based on the sourcecode of Beyond Protocol.

As a player you are allowed to colonize unlimited planets in a growing universe on one single persistent server. Mine your minerals, research your alloys, build your power.
You can sign up here, and visit our community forums here!

Server Status:

Server is Online!

Galactic News:

GNS: A New Frontier!

- Jeffrey Rossi, Ache XIII Correspondent writes:
Satanley completes work on new space colony.

GNS: Docplo Calms

- Alayna Robertson, Docplo Correspondent writes:
Docplo Calms

GNS: Decline in Engagements

- Maren Gifford, Alga Correspondent writes:
Decline in Engagements

GNS: Decline in Combat

- Maren Gifford, Alga X Correspondent writes:
Decline in Combat on Alga X

GNS: Morjte XI Begins Rebuilding

- Myles Nicholas, Morjte XI Correspondent writes:
Morjte XI Begins Rebuilding

GNS: Decline in Combat

- Ashlee Miller, Docplo XVIII Correspondent writes:
Decline in Combat on Docplo XVIII

GNS: Cease Fire On Logzyi VIII

- Weldon Henderson, Logzyi VIII Correspondent writes:
Cease Fire On Logzyi VIII

GNS: Skirmishes Continue in Docplo

- Janette Wilson, Docplo Correspondent writes:
Skirmishes Continue in Docplo

GNS: Space Clash Continues in Alga

- Anna Jasinski, Alga Correspondent writes:
Space Clash Continues in Alga

GNS: WAR in Alga X!

- Alayna Robertson, Alga X Correspondent writes:
WAR in Alga X!